My Grateful Storm

The sound of rain on the roof. I’d been trudging through laundry when I heard it. The sound that soothes me in a way no other sound can. My ears immediately tune in, my body immediately relaxes. Rain. It draws me, calls out to me, “Come. Let me cleanse you.” And I go. I stand outside and let it fall upon me, each drop a healing kiss to my body and soul.

Then it comes..The mighty sound I’ve been hoping for with childlike anticipation, the thunder. The rain and booming awaken my inner Goddess (the woman I’ve discovered through the wisdom of many beautiful sisters and by my learning gained on my journey taken with most of them), the me who used to dance exuberantly along with Mother Nature! I thought she was gone since I am no longer capable of such physical expression, but NO! I close my eyes and I feel each leap and twirl along with the drumming of the thunder! I feel her heart soar with each movement! We are free. And after these moments of stillness, wet with rain, her joy has become my joy. Pure sweet joy.